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Birkenhead Montessori Limited

  • Birkenhead Point Montessori Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand

Birkenhead Point Montessori (BPM) is a boutique preschool licenced for 30 children aged 2.5 to 6 years. We operate form a beautifully converted villa nestled at Birkenhead Point on the North Shore Auckland.

Our centre is a place where we respect each child’s personality, potential is nurtured and a child’s unique and natural sense of wonder is encouraged and celebrated. A place of love, laughter, friends and memories.

We have a high quality of care ratio (teacher to child). Caring and skilled teachers are trained to offer a diverse range of enriching learning opportunities tailored to each child’s innate interests and abilities.

At BPM art is one of our favourite things! We have specialised teachers and a dedicated Art Studio with a wide variety of equipment and materials children can use to express themselves, their ideas, creativity and feelings.