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Rise and Shine Childcare Centre

Rise and Shine Childcare is conveniently situated near the Airport at 77 Aintree Ave Airport Oaks, Mangere. Architecturally designed and user friendly in all aspects of parking, walk in accessibility, childcare facilities and teaching staff. 

Rise and Shine values children’s uniqueness, their ability to learn in meaningful ways, their curiosity and sense of wonder, their cultural heritage and Christian beliefs.

Rise and Shine respects and values parents for their unique history and traditions, for the aspirations they have for their children, for their commitment to children, teachers and Rise and Shine community.

Rise and Shine values its teachers for their vision and knowledge, for their dedication to making learning fun and meaningful, for their love of children and their well-being, for their commitment to all parents.

We are open from 7AM-6PM from Monday to Friday.