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Bumblebees Childcare Centre

We focus on the importance of our relationships with our children and their whānau. We create an ambiance of love, care and respect through getting to know our children and their families very well.

We aspire to develop a centre that is a home away from home. We are created by families for
families and strive to always have open and trusting relationships with our children and whānau.

With trust, respect and love as our foundation, we can journey forth towards a lifelong love of learning. This learning will be based around the premise that there are no wrong answers and no mistakes, only discoveries to make and life lessons to be learned.

We understand that each child comes with their own set of circumstances and their own individual character. We endeavour to encourage your child’s curiosity and individuality in any form that takes. Be it cultural, physical, emotional or spiritual, we love to learn and grow with the Bumblebees children.